At present, we have greatly indulged in the online world even to the extent of having electronic books or the so-called e-books. They are easily available online that is why even with the use of our cellphone or computer. We are still able to read our favorite books. However, a certain software or application is necessary in order to be able to open and access such e-books without any glitch. The application that is designed for such purpose is the PDF viewer. This application is basically used for a specific type of file format known as the portable document format.

The PDF viewer has several other functions which include allowing the user to place annotations and it also lets users do some editing. Furthermore, perhaps the best function that this application can provide is letting the user transfer from one page to another easily. It does not require you to scroll down from page to page instead, it allows you to select what page you want to browse.

Many users have greatly benefitted from the use of the PDF viewer, particularly those who are constantly working with PDF files. This application makes their life much easier because it is guaranteed to be compatible with files that are using the portable document format. It does not allow the distortion of any part of the file that is why it is most commonly and popularly used by many. Whatever is in the file or document will definitely be readable with the use of this application.

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